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An interesting insight into his life Stuntman Sam Durrani and how he became a UK stuntman.

Sam's journey started when he was 3 years old when he followed his families' footsteps and started gymnastics. He joined the gymnastics squad when he was 7 and really enjoyed the community feel of the group. When he was 14 he switched sports and started swimming competitively instead, something he had previously done on the side. From nineteen Sam started competing in Martial Arts competitions from Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, open freestyle martial arts tournments and eventually MMA cage fighting. Sam won his first cage fight in 15 seconds

After completing his College years Sam left his gymnastics coaching job to follow his dream of becoming a stuntman. He spent his savings to buy a video camera to film his showcasing stunt video to send to agencies.

A little bit later he got a call from an agency wanting to sign him for live stunt show work. From the summer of 2006 Sam working on various live shows across the globe from; China to Northern Ireland to German to name a few.

He then decided to take the leap to complete his stunt training exams to join the British Stunt Register - This took him about 4 years to complete. Once on the British Stunt Register jobs for TV and films came in quickly. You can see on this website information on the films he has been in and clips of some of his best stunts.

High Falls

Sam has performed many high falls on film, television and as a live stunt show performer.

Stairs Falls

Performed solo stair falls, two man stair falls and group stair falls on camera.

Fire Burns

Experience with Partial burns full burns and fire saftey.

Fire Arms

Sam has worked on film with M4, M5 machine guns. Shot guns and hand guns to name just some.

Hand to Hand Combat

Performed several choreographed fights on hit TV shows such as BBC 1 Luther to hit films productions including Universal Pictures & Warner brothers.

Medieval Weapons

Trained expericance work performed on camera with many different medieval weapons ranging from: Sword & shields to spears and bow & arrows.

Motorbike Rider

Full motorbike licence and ridden bikes on TV and Film as rider and passanger.


Sam acrobatic background start from childhood.
His skills have been used on many productions.

Mixed Martial Arts

British, English and East midlands Tae Kwon Do champion.
Kickboxing 6th Degree Blackbelt.


Through Sams teenage years Sam swam competitivetly.

Trampoline Trained

Gymnastics background from childhood included many hours on a trampoline.


Known for stunt work on: The Kid Who Would Be King, Transformers 5, World War Z, The Legend of Tarzan, Jason Bourne 5, London Has Fallen and American Assassin. And stunt work on TV: The Crown and Luther.

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